OK, so ... admittedly it's been a while since I've updated this blog, but that's what we love about the web, right? It's always there, even when we're not.

Here's a recap of some of the things I've been doing since 2006:
  • working as library database trainer and indexer/taxonomist: online portfolio
  • got married to jon boho
  • served as ala new members round table president; more exciting work with that group forthcoming
  • was in a couple of bands in south florida & recorded some music with hubby
  • on facebook, twitter, still on myspace
  • moved to indiana from south FL (yeah, I'm cold, but I got to see the Dirtbombs three times in one year!)



Post Secret

I don't normally link to blogs, but Post Secret is worth looking at. Especially if you think someone is out to get you. That person will probably confess it all here.

free online word processor


Press of note:

Soft Skull Press

Quote overheard:

"She is being selfish by [having? adopting?] a baby..." (not sure of who "she" is but the speaker was indignant about "she" not doing the "right" thing)

Great. Wait, no. Muggy.

Interesting book series:

The Neighborhood Story Project

Opinion of latest ladies' fashion:

I said just the other day how much I dislike those trendy, wide leg, capri-length pants made of flowing, synthetic material that hugs the bad stuff. I saw a young lady today with a pair of them on, and I stand corrected. Girl, she looked GOOD. It was obvious that she was a lady (or daughter) of leisure, so the pants were probably designer and, therefore, presumably well-made.

Explanation of an all-too-common dynamic in male-female romantic relationships:

link to article

why is this relationship knowledge not pre-programmed into our brains before we are born? this is a definite case against SOCIOBIOLOGY...



MJ is back after a hiatus. Here are some recommended readings:


Wet kitten freezes to metal fence
OHAMA, Neb., Jan. 15 (UPI) -- An Omaha, Neb., kitten has had to be pulled off a metal fence after its wet paws froze, KETV Omaha reported Saturday.
"She'd been drinking out of a heated bird bath, got her paws wet, then jumped on a chain link fence and was stuck on the metal fence, on top of it," said Pam Wiess, of the Nebraska Humane Society.
The kitten is expected to recover completely, but all four of her paws were very sore Friday.
Wiess said while the situation is rare, people need to watch out for their pets when it's this cold outside. The Humane Society said animals' ears, nose and paws can freeze fast.